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Land of Chat — PAIN & ITCH Feedback

What do you take for the pain and itch of PRP?

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Roy T — Rehoboth Beach, DE

I take gabapentin. 4 or 5 100mg pills a day as needed.

Monica L — West Virginia 

Hydroxyzine 25mg 4 to 5 a day … skin feels it pulling apart at seams burns so bad

Elle W 

Husband takes Fexofenadine 180mg usually one at night.

Bill M — Plano, TX

My pain was time sensitive. Whenever I moved it was time to feel pain. So, I didn’t move very much. I took one hydroxyzine at night along with Ambien and a Super Tylenol. Slept pain-free and itch-free from 11 PM to 7 AM as long as I didn’t drink any liquid. Drink and expect to wake around 3:00 AM and get an early start on the day. No way to fall back to sleep.

Lori H — Blue Springs, MO 

They make a slow release tablet. I had the same problem with waking up and not being able to get back to sleep. The slow release was so much better.

Pam A — Tavistock, Devon, England 

Hydroxyzine. Increasing dose from night time only as so itchy now

Lori H — Blue Springs, MO 

Personally, I think it makes a difference on what to use for pain, based on the cause of the pain. Is it because of the itching? Swelling and inflammation? Nerve pain? Skin tightness? Aches due to use of the impacted organ (feet)? I used different modalities depending on the source of the pain. And lack of sleep always seemed to make my situation worse.

Karen B — Rochester, NY

Have a shot of alcohol of some type

Jessica H — Stone Mountain, GA 

Karen B, yes ma’am! One or two beers helped at night more than any prescription. Liquor and Taltz did not play well together inside of me so I had to stick to beer. But it works!

Annette P — Natick, MA 

Jessica H — my husband says the same thing. A few beers or wine helps him get a few hours sleep.

Cay B — Berthoud 


Anita P — East Fultonham, OH 

Mostly aspirin at the moment. Hydroxyzine for the itch. Emu oil for joint pain. Rubs in nicely. The EO doesn’t work fast but helps for the long haul.

Lorna R — Eugene, OR 

Sarna Lotion, Benadryl Cream, Caladryl Lotion are examples of topicals. Hydroxyzine tab, Benadryl Tab, Zyrtec etc. Then there is keeping your skin well moisturized. Don’t let it get dry. Yes, sometimes moisturizing several times a day is necessary.

Tierney R — Virginia Beach, VA 

I use 75 mg of Lyrica at night, sometimes two if the pain is bad enough. It also helps with the itch and sleep.

David K — New York, NY 

Cetrizine, hydroxyzine, IPA”s

Anne B — Glenside, PA 

Dermatologist prescribed Mirtazapine 15mg at night time. It definitely provides me with an itch and pain free night! I wake up so refreshed!

Sonnia R — Ontario, Canada

How long have you been taking it ? Any bad side effects ? I don’t remember the last time I woke up feeling refreshed.

Anne B — Glenside, PA 

Sonnia R — No side effects at all! I take one every night and do not wake up groggy like other sleep aids make me feel. I have been on it about a year and a half.

Sonnia R — Ontario, Canada

Anne B — I think I’ll ask about this at my next visit…I’m sooooo tired all the time and at my wits end…thanks for posting this 🙂

Anne E — Cheshire, England 

Paracetamol and Benadryl it doesn’t work. I asked my derm if there was anything better I could take and she said Morphene!!! I told my doctor and she said that would make me itch more.

Stephen S — Plano, Texas

Trazadone, hydroxyzine and of course a shot of nyquil before bed

Dane W — Norman/Glenwood, Arkansas

FYI prescription Advil is around 7 or 800. Mg sometimes the dr prescribes 2 every 4 to 6 hours for pain for a total of around 1600 mg doses several times a day so over the counter Advil’s is only around 200 or 250 mg each so same active ingredient just in smaller portions just take a few more and save the dr visit

Todd S — Winter Garden, Florida

My nightly routine is to soak in a bath of oatmeal and bathing oil, then immediately after I get out I do a full body lotion. My current favorite lotion is Vaseline with soothing Aloe.