PRP Alliance

PRP Alliance

Lorna Roberts Remembers Tierney

Lorna Roberts, Eugene, Oregon

In 2002, I became a member of the PRP Support Group, the, “you got mail” version. Tierney was there, along with, Jean Luc, Richard Greene, Carolyn Brown, Ralph Gilmore and Smitty, and others. I recall Tierney’s children were young.

My interaction with Tierney was limited until the PRP Facebook Support Group emerged. I on the West Coast, she in the East. I was astonished, Tierney was awake at her computer, 2:00 am her time, sometimes 3:00 am.

I thought she wasn’t getting enough rest. We would chat about that. Tierney wanted to feel useful, she was struggling with that. We talked about comfort measures. Sometimes we talked about our family. Then the real difficult onset of her health. I felt such empathy for her. It would seem so unfair.

Her involvement in organizing, and managing the FB Group was important to Tierney. It gave her the purpose she needed. She had a lot to share. Her support was thoughtful and helpful.