Advocating for the PRP Community

The PRP Alliance is a patient advocacy organization. We advocate the timely diagnosis of  pityriasis rubra pilaris, the identification of successful treatment options and increased PRP-specific research.

We answer to the PRP community. Our constituencies include:


Those who have been recently diagnosed with PRP and have found further Google and Yahoo searches to be redundant and unproductive. Newbies CLICK HEREIn addition, if you are the parent of a Newbie, CLICK HERE, and learn about a newly formed coalition of PRP parents.


PRPers who are on the road to remission but crave additional information for specific twists and turns. Travelers need answers to questions that many Newbies are too early in the journey to ask.

Some Remissioners say they are cured. Others panic when any red spot appears or they find themselves scratching an itch. Still others must endure an unexpected and debilitating relapse. All Remissioners should stay engaged … even if it is just to share their PRP-related experiences with Newbies and Travelers.

Enlightenment of Healthcare Professionals

For too many years there has not been a systematic effort to enlighten dermatologists, dermatopathologists, dermatology physician assistants and dermatology nurses about concerns of the PRP community. We must recognize and applaud healthcare professionals who are PRP savvy. At the same time, we must educate those who are not. It’s that simple. Similarly, we have not been sufficiently proactive in the promotion of new PRP research. We can do better. We will do better. CLICK HERE to learn about PRPA initiatives to enlighten healthcare professionals.


Welcome to the PRP Alliance.
We are small in numbers, but big in hope.


The PRP Alliance, Inc. is a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Our Federal Tax Number is 47-3868578



On the Road…The Journey from Onset through Remission, August 2015 Issue [08/01/2015] offers the following to PRPers, the family and friends of PRPers and those who are PRP patient advocates.




PRP Patient Advocacy

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Treating PRP

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PRP Research

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