PRP Alliance

PRP and Positive COVID Testing

(1)  Ginny M— Lexington, South Carolina

“So Joey our 15-year-old who takes Stelara , tested positive for Covid-19. He had a sniffle and a low grade fever but lost his taste and smell. My bestie works the COVID floor so she said got him tested since he could not taste. Anyway, I am sharing because he is totally recovered. Nathan and I tested negative (both on Stelara) my husband tested positive.

The virus is real and we know people who have died but I hope this helps with those who have been as scared as I was about getting sick.

(2)  Mary-Alice F— West Hollywood, California

I have been in remission from PRP for about two years, got COVID and it was mercifully mild. Not fun of course, but overall fine. Was happy to see it did not trigger any flare

(3)  Colleen Y — Warminister, Pennsylvania

Yes, my husband got it and it definitely exacerbated his PRP. I’m sure his body was trying to protect him from the virus. He ended up in the hospital over Thanksgiving with pneumonia. Getting better everyday, thank you!

(4)  Laura N — Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire, England

My daughter who is 18 has, she was quite poorly from the Covid and it flared her PRP up, that was about a month ago and it’s settled down again now.

(5)  Linda R — Lake Elmo, Minnesota
I tested positive. Less than a week ago. Headache. Cough. Head congestion. Lost smell and taste yesterday. On Cosentyx.

(6) Luka P— Location not available
I got it flared up, bad headche first 3 days, lost sense of smell and my vision split like im crosseyed when im tired. Seeing oculist in 2 weeks and then neurologist if they dont find anything

(7) Carol L— Jacksonville, Florida

I got it and it turned into pneumonia also! I haven’t had an outbreak, but it caused other issues – high blood pressure and low oxygen saturation.