PRP Alliance

PRP Alliance

August 2018

The Dowling Oration

The Dowling Oration was delivered by Dr. Andrew Griffiths in Liverpool, England in March 2003 as he reflected on 35 years as a dermatologist. It is frequently used as a reference in PRP-related research. To explain his methodology for calculating the prevalence rate of pityriasis rubra pilaris, Griffiths writes: “Most dermatologists never have a new case of […]

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Is PRP contagious?

While PRP is not contagious, it is important to include the phrase “not contagious” early in any first-time explanation of why we look the way we look. When dealing with a passerby who stares at your red and flaking skin in the cereal aisle at grocery store, you might consider the following strategy: ❉  Make eye contact. Don’t turn

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The History of Our Name

When James Shooter was admitted to St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, England in 1828, he unwittingly became the world’s first patient with what the medical community would eventually call pityriasis rubra pilaris. In 1828, however, Mr. Shooter’s skin disorder did not yet have a name. Seven years passed before Claudius Tarral, a French dermatologist, wrote about the case in “Traite theorique et pratique des maladies de la

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