PRP Alliance

PRP Alliance

April 2019

Calculating Body Coverage

    How Do You Calculate the Percentage of PRP Coverage? The Rule of Nines is an approach to calculate the percentage of a patient’s total skin impacted by burn. The results are used to help guide treatment decisions including fluid resuscitation and becomes part of the guidelines to determine transfer to a burn unit. ✽  The front and back of the …

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May 1 What’s Next

Editor’s Note — PRP Awareness Month is six months away. There’s plenty of time to advance the interests of the PRP Global Community. ligula, eget egestas tortor tempor venenatis. Vestibulum id leo sit amet erat eleifend fringilla. Vestibulum fringilla lacinia lacus sit amet consequat. Mauris tortor leo, hendrerit vel imperdiet at, dignissim eget arcu. UPDATE …

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May 1 #5 Duration

    “How long does it take to get from ONSET to REMISSION?” It’s a pretty common question whether the PRP patient has been diagnosed with Adult Onset PRP or Juvenile Onset PRP. When James Shooter walked into St. Bartholomew Hospital in 1828, our disease didn’t have a name. However, I venture that he askednhisdoctor: “How long will …

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Anatomy of Her Majesty’s Memorandum

Stewart Littlejohn Versus Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Services From the Editor — Stewart Littlejohn has had PRP since June 2017. Unable to work as a chauffeur, he requested UK Employment Support Allowance. Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service properly convened a 3-person panel to decide Stewart’s fate. The following memorandum was carefully crafted by the PRP Alliance to help …

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7 Reasons Why Your PRP Profile Is Critical

From the Editor (updated 10/16/2020) — The PRP patient database began during the summer of 2013 and has grown to include 2,240 records of which 1,860 are members of the PRP Facebook Support Group and 380 are non-aligned but have a valid email address. Each PRP patient profile focuses on seven datapoints we classify as CORE DATA. 1. Name: Bill McCue (pt) If …

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