PRP Alliance

PRP Alliance

February 2019

Teaching Hospitals

  TEXAS (1)  Baylor College of Medicine Department of Dermatology Lee and Joe Jamail Specialty Care Center 1977 Butler Blvd., Suite E6.200, MS: BCM605 Houston, TX  77030-4101 ✻  Phone: (713) 798-6131 Fax: (713) 798-3252 Email: Website: Leadership Dr. John E. Wolf, Jr., Professor and Chair Division Chief. Pediatric Dermatology Search (Clinic): Psoriasis: 32; PRP: 0 Grand […]

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PRP Resources: New Jersey

Editor’s Note: It will take a sustained effort over the next several months to complete a state-by-state, country-by-country overview of PRP-savvy dermatologists. The following represents one way to present the data provided by PRP patients regarding their dermatologists. In this iteration the feedback represents four PRP patients who live in New Jersey. You will note that two PRP patients

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Why Donate Now

Where were we in February 2013 versus February 2019? ✽  There was no PRP patient database. Today we have the PRP Global Database with 1798 PRP patient profiles. ✽  There was no PRP Survival Guide. Now we do. ✽  The PRP Facebook Community was still seven months away from becoming an official CLOSED GROUP. Today there

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