PRP Alliance

PRP Alliance

June 2020

PRP Canada — Another Journey Begins

Under Relentless Pressure Murray Rose Accepts Liaison Assignment Editor’s Note: While “relentless pressure” may be an overstatement, Murray Rose, (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada) has always been on my “short list” to help launch PRP Canada. How short was the list? Murray was the only name. The first symptoms of PRP appeared to Murray in August 2016 at the age …

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No Hair. Don’t Care!

Editor’s Note PRP can cause hair loss on parts of the body or hair loss over the entire body. In addition, some medications, such as  retinoids and immunosuppressives, can cause hair loss to one degree or another. It differs with each individual. While some only have mild thinning, others may lose all their hair, including eyelashes …

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The 5-D itch scale

The 5-D itch scale: a new measure of pruritus Authors: S. Elman, L.S. Hynan, V. Gabriel, and M.J. Mayo  Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine Background Itching is a subjective and multidimensional experience which is difficult to quantify. Most methodologies to assess itching suffer from being unidimensional, for example only measuring intensity without impact on quality of life, …

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