PRP Alliance

PRP Alliance

January 2018

The Right to Say “NO”

. Editor’s Note: Regardless of the worthiness of any cause, you have a right say “No”.It’s very easy to say “No” when a stranger knocks on your door. Whatever they’re selling, we’re not buying. Let’s face it — we’re all getting pretty darn good at saying “No”. In fact, for most of us, “No” has become […]

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Before You Opt Out

From the Editor… The PRP Alliance utilizes the email technology developed by Constant Contact. They manage our email list, facilitate email distribution and provide the support for email design. No one is forced to be on the PRP Community Email List. You can unsubscribe at the bottom of any email you receive. It’s that simple. But keep

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What is “Core” Data”?

The following datapoints represent the “core” data collected via the PRP Worldwide Census. With this information we can build a more accurate profile of the PRP community. ✽  Elapsed time between onset and diagnosis ✽  Elapsed time between onset and remission ✽  Onset age by decade of life ✽  Misdiagnoses ✽  Biopsies as a diagnostic tool ✽  Survey PRP patients in remission ✽  Survey PRP children

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