PRP Alliance

PRP Alliance

October 2017

PRP Dermatology Referral Initiative

Objective To conduct an outreach effort to dermatologists, dermatology physician assistants, and dermatology nurses.j Problem to be addressed When a patient is diagnosed with PRP, the dermatologist — with rare exceptions — does not refer the patient to the PRP Alliance, PRP Facebook Support Group, the PRP Community on RareConnect or to the PRP Survival …

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2018 PRP Worldwide Census

Objective: To conduct a PRP Worldwide Census. Problem to be addressed: The PRP Community Database currently tracks 1,584 PRP patients of which 651 (41%) are members of the PRP Facebook Support Group and 217 (14%) are members of the PRP Community on RareConnect. Unfortunately, the following information is currently missing. ✽  Missing email addresses: 557 ✽  Missing locations: …

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PRP Newsletter Revival

Objective To resurrect the PRP community’s original newsletter. A total of 24 issues (598 pages) of On the Road … Our Journey from Onset through Remission were published during the period April 2014 through October 2015. Problem to be addressed The PRP Alliance does not “push” information to the PRP community. We depend on PRP patients and caregivers to …

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