PRP Alliance

PRP Alliance

Bill McCue Testimonial to Tierney

Tierney has been part of my PRP journey from the day I was diagnosed with PRP (November 28, 2012), the day I joined the email-based PRP Support Group, became a subscriber to their list serve and began reading “sharings” from her and others. Whatever the question, she always responded with kindness and concern. The moment I joined the PRP Facebook Support Group (See Milestones below) was the moment she FRIENDED me as she FRIENDED so many newbies.

Such a journey we shared! Always in my thoughts — especially in the weeks ahead.

Tierney’s Delete Button

Only members of the PRP Facebook Support Group can truly appreciate the value and utility of the delete button with which Tierney gleefully dispatched a smorgasbord of charlatans including nefarious sellers of Ban-Ray sunglasses and a few evildoers masquerading as us. The PRP Facebook Support Group is a Closed Group with three administrators. While Murray Rose and I watched for interlopers, Tierney was content to polish her delete button and wait for the call.

The Lone Ranger and Tonto

I can’t be sure when, but during a telephone conversation she announced that I was the Lone Ranger and she was Tonto. While I didn’t have a white horse or a silver bullet, I did have a loyal and trusted friend who “had my back”. She was always the voice of reason, the calming force that would make me “measure twice and cut once”. She was ALWAYS the first to sign up. complete a survey, or volunteer. What is most amazing to me is that during our seven-year friendship we never met face-to-face.

Tierney loved a good story

Tierney was great sounding board for stories. I would tell her a story and if I got a positive reaction, I would “work on it” for inclusion in a newsletter or the PRP Survival Guide. My “Sweet Jesus” story about pain was one of her favorites. It goes like this:

“My father set the bar for pain management.  In the late 50s we lived in a small two bedroom house with a cellar. Most evenings, Dad would retreat to his workbench in the cellar after dinner and build something. Through the thin floors I could hear “Whack! Whack! Whack” as he hammered nails.

Inevitably the “Whack! Whack! Whack!” would become a “Whack! Whack! Thud!” as his hammer smashed his thumb. Almost immediately I would hear a high-pitched “SWEEEET Jesus!” followed by the “Whack! Whack! Whack” as he pressed on.

There were plenty of “SWEEEET Jesus” moments during the first six months of my PRP journey, but then they became “Baby Jesus” moments. And when I finally reached remission, that was a “Thank God” moment.”

Every Milestone would bring a smile


One day in November 2013, Tierney asked me if I used Facebook. I told her that I was not interested in Facebook. I have never used Facebook. At the time I thought Facebook was a stupid idea. I made it clear to her: “I am not going to join Facebook.” As the days passed, Tierney didn’t let up. She rarely does. She obviously wanted me to join the PRP Facebook Support Group and that was that. So I did and used the occasion to convince her to become the Administrator and fill a void that needed someone like her. About four months later the pendulum swung back and she convinced me to become a co-Administrator. She loved to watch the membership grow. It was slow going at the beginning, but now we NET an average about 30 new members a month.  While she would have loved for members to “hang around” after remission, she understood that wmany want to put PRP behind them.