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PRP Alliance

A PRP Newsletter Reborn

It’s time for me to resurrect the PRP newsletter. Twenty-four issues (an average of 24 pages per issue) were published between April, 2014 and October, 2015. It has taken me two and a half years to get myself to a point — mentally — where I can make another 24-issue commitment.

The following webpage is an overview of our PRP community newsletter. It is my hope that you will get involved in some way. At least as a reader. That’s a no-brainer. But I also need feedback from patients and caregivers. I need your advice and counsel.

❋  What are the stories that must be told?

❋  What are the questions in need of answers?

❋  How can we better serve newly diagnosed patients?

❋  How can we help make dermatologists PRP savvy?

❋  How can we be a catalyst for meaningful research?

A commitment to publish a PRP newsletter needs the support from the PRP community. However, if you have been hurt financially by PRP and/or COVID-19, please ignore this appeal. Otherwise, to learn how you can help fund the newsletter, the PRP Survival Guide, our websites and survey capabilities, please click $20.20 campaign. With the introduction complete, let’s move on to the Anatomy of the PRP Community Newsletter.

❋  The Cover

❋  From the Editor

❋  “Gang of Five” format

❋  “Feature Story” format

❋  “1/2-Page Story” format

❋  “Stand Up and Be Counted”

❋  “Learn More”

❋  “Hope”

❋  “What’s Next”

The Cover

The underlying story told in the pages of OTR is that of a journey and we, patients and caregivers, are travelers. That is why EVERY cover will have a photo of a road, highway, path or trail to reinforce the travel metaphor.

Initially, On the Road… will be published monthly (mid-month) and reflect on what has been shared in previous months. The mid-month publication allows sufficient time prepare content that draws from the previous month. The May issue will, for example, reflect on April 2020.

The page count will be limited to 12 folio pages.

From the Editor

Every bonafide newsletter needs a few official notices, e.g., copyright statement, Opt-Out Policy , Privacy Policy, etc. All that “good stuff” is positioned in the left column. The rest of the page offers a “monthly message” to encourage readership and provide an abbreviated table of contents.

The link to On the Road… will be contained within a post to the  1,900-plus members of the PRP Facebook Support Group. In addition, an email offering the same link to a downloadable PDF will be sent to the 376 non-members who have maintained a valid address in the PRP Global Database.


“Gang of Five” Format

Two of the 12 pages will be in a “Gang of Five” format and offer 10 “snippets”. Each 50-60-word snippet will include a headline and related graphic, and provide a “MORE” link to additional information. The link may be to the PRP Survival Guide or to third-party resources.

“Feature Story” Format

Two of the 12 pages will be in the “Feature Story” format offering readers four 325- to 350-word articles and  “MORE” links to additional information. These link may be to the PRP Survival Guide or to a third-party resource. The two tentative topics: (a) The Efficacy of Prednisone in the treatment of PRP and (b) Autoinflammatory or Autoimmune: Patient Feedback.

“1/2-Page Story” Format

Two of the 12 pages will be 1/2-page formats (110-120 words) including four “MORE” links to additional information. These links may be to the PRP Survival Guide or to a third-party resource.

OTR Departments

Four of the 12 pages will be repeating topics in all issues of On the Road....  and a  “MORE” links to additional information. These links may be to the PRP Survival Guide or to a third-party resource.

Stand Up and be Counted

Each month I will provide a detailed analysis of ONE “year-to-date” metric from the PRP Global Database.

The tentative focus of “Stand Up and Be Counted” in the May issue will be the PRP Facebook Support Group’s membership growth from January 1 through April 30 compared to 2019. For those who find solace in numbers, there will be a  “MORE” link to a full overview .

Learn More

Each issue of On the Road… will have a Baker’s Dozen of links to PRP-specific information. These links might be third-party articles, PRP Facebook Support Group posts, or content within the PRP Survival Guide.  


This page will include messages of hope and inspiration overheard in the Land of Chat. The goal is to make this a “go-to page” where PRP patients and caregivers can find hope for the next month.

What’s Next

Each month the last page of On the Road… will suggest ways to make the journey of PRP patients and caregivers less harrowing. What we do with Page 12 will, in large measure, determine if the newsletter is worth the effort. For me the first item on the list is “Publish the next issue”.


Are you ready to download the official  PDF mock-up version of On the Road… ?

Remember the following:

❋  If you see a typographical error, an error of grammar or punctuation, or any other flaw (no matter how small), please let me know. If you are a PRP patient or caregiver you are automatically a proofreader of the PRP community newsletter.

❋  If you have any suggestions — SUGGEST. ❋  If you can support what is being done here, please go to the $20.20 Campaign post on our PRP Facebook Support Group webpage.