PRP Alliance

PRP Alliance

What are the challenges of PRP?

Those who spend time any time reading the PRP Survival Guide or perusing the posts and comments shared by members of the PRP Facebook Support Group will see references to the  challenges to body, mind and spirit associated with pityriasis rubra pilaris. PRP is a burden on every square inch of our bodies. Moreover, our minds must deal with the uncertainties associated with such an under-researched rare skin disease. The fact that we know so little simply means that we must share what we have learned.

But the real challenge of living with PRP is maintaining a heathy spirit. It has been said that the most effective treatment option for PRP is a tincture of time and pinch of hope. While we have no control of time, we can certainly find hope.

The PRP Facebook community  offer a welcoming environment of kindred spirits — a Land of Hope. Even though we each lay claim to our own unique version of PRP, we share a common bond. We are a community. A family. We are fellow travelers on the PRP journey from onset through remission.

The following are some of the most common challenges we face.

✽  How to deal with a lack of energy

 How to deal with unexpected flares and setbacks

✽  How to find itch relief

✽  How to maintain mental wellness

 How to manage pain

✽  How to sleep at night

✽  How to deal with the cost of healthcare

✽  How to parent a child with PRP

✽  How to deal with stress and triggers

✽  How to respond to what people say

✽  How to respond to people who stare

✽  How to function in the workplace

✽  How to find hope