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Remembering Tierney

This section of Tierney’s Memorial is an opportunity for PRP patients and caregivers to expand their remembrances beyond 500 and even 1,000 words. Please use “Leave a Reply” at the  end of this webpage to submit your stories via email to:

Imagine, if you will, that Tierney’s friends and family assemble in a living room (gotta be a big freakin’ living room) and trade stories. The sadness that brought everyone together quickly changes to raucous laughter and oneupsmanship. So, what “Tierney Tale” do you want to share in detail?

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5 thoughts on “Remembering Tierney”

  1. In 2002, I became a member of the PRP Support Group, the, “you got mail” version. Tierney was there, along with, Jean Luc, Richard Greene, Carolyn Brown, Ralph Gilmore and Smitty, and others. I recall Tierney’s children were young.
    My interaction with Tierney was limited until FB emerged. I on the West Coast, she in the East. I was astonished, Tierney was awake at her computer, 2:00am her time, sometimes 3:00am.
    I thought she wasn’t getting enough rest. We would chat about that. Tierney wanted to feel useful, she was struggling with that. We talked about comfort measures. Sometimes we talked about our family. Then the real difficult onset of her health. I felt such empathy for her. It would seem so unfair.
    Her involvement in organizing, and managing the FB Group was important to Tierney. It gave her the purpose she needed. She had a lot to share. Her support was thoughtful and helpful.

  2. To a wonderful friend, mentor and encourager. It is very strange writing about Tierney in the past. When I was first diagnosed with PRP, I was very distressed and found the PRP Group. It was a very welcoming group. But there was one name which constantly popped up “Tierney”
    She would welcome every new person and engage with everyone. I thought, this woman must have a lot of time. But it was only when I got to know her that I realised , she loved welcoming and helping others. It was the thing which kept her going forgetting her own pain.

    I remember an incident between two members on the site and Tierney got involved and put the other person nicely on their place. Instead of writing “just press the button to delete the message” , she wrote “press the bomb” . I was in stitches and she and I were laughing.

    Usually I don’t like taking photos of myself and she asked if I would like to see what her skin looks like at the moment. I said okay, and she sent me a pic of her face. I said , it does not look that bad but just a little smile. She sent another, with a little smile and I kept on asking for another until I got one of her smiling.

    One time I found a mouse in my flat. It was just before 2am in the morning. I was very scared and traumatised and contacted Tierney because I know of the time difference between us. I told her about the mouse and how frightened I was. She started laughing and said ‘it’s only a mouse André, we had them when we had the farm house. She checked up on me the following day and asked if I had named the mouse yet. I just burst out laughing. She knew how to make one laugh, feel special. We would have chats about so many different things.

    Tierney was not afraid to tell me how fond she was of me and that I made her laugh. She told me when she had to move house to a different area that she was a bit of a snob because it was not as nice as her previous home….
    I know her spirit will live on forever, but it will never be the same. I am proud that I had the opportunity to call her my friend. To Charlie, thank you for sharing your wife with me and so many others. You have been incredible with her. Even though she said you had ‘the Italian tempremint 🙂
    Alex, I remember how your mother was promoting your business on the site and that we had to vote for you. She was so proud that evening when she had to go to your event. Samantha, your mom spoke a great deal about you too and the love she had for you and the children.

    To all Tierney’s family,
    siblings and extended family. Thank you, Thank you. She will always be cherished across the pond.

  3. I remember when my Aunt Jeanie was diagnosed with prp. My sister, Kathy, found this prp group. Tierney was so sweet and actually took the time to call my Aunt Jeanie. I will be forever grateful.

  4. I am missing you NOW, Tierney! I’m so thankful for the privilege of getting to know you. You will be missed so often by so many.

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